Out.Vote Mission and Team

Our Mission

OUT.VOTE is a grassroots comprehensive digital media campaign and online tool to encourage LGBT adults into action ranging from voter participation to ongoing political engagement. We are not just inspiring individuals to cast a vote in the electoral process but to play a role in the ongoing political, social and cultural conversations that translate to real change for all people of diverse gender and sexual identities. Our eye is on the election in 2016, 2018, 2020 and every day before them.

We also believe that our community is beautiful, inclusive and requires recognition of its many diverse intersections with other communities.

Our Goals

The rapidly changing demographics of our world is matched only by swiftly evolving technologies. While marriage proved a motivator for many in the community, it is clear by the ongoing conversations about gun safety, economic justice and trans rights that there is room to establish a network that understands diverse sexual and gender identities are one integral facet to the rich and dynamic lives present in our community.

Our intention is to celebrate this diversity, recognize and collaborate to inspire action that unites all across these communities all with the long-term goal of securing social justice and dignity for all people, whether they are members of normative or non-normative communities.

Our future is action. Will you join us?


This project is a Jaques Potts Experience. It is led by UX Strategist and life-long harm reduction activist Shane Lukas with generous donations from private folk and his own wallet. Some of the volunteers who give time and energy and want it to be known that embracing diversity means also embracing the queer diversities which don’t fit into a box. All our families and all our choices which do not harm others, conventional or not, deserve dignity and respect.

Interested in knowing more about Out.Vote and its intended evolution, contact our team here.

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